The Club Card

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I enter a lounge without my card?

No. Unfortunately unless you can present The Club Card™ the lounge staff will not allow you access. Lounges are third party owned and operated and therefore Airport Lounge Development, Inc. is unable to influence lounge access should you attempt to enter without your card. It is important to always carry The Club Card with you.

2. What is your policy for taking guests into a lounge?

You can invite friends or guests to join you in a lounge. Most lounges will allow any number of guests but where there are limits, details are shown in the Lounge Details for each participating lounge. Guests are charged at the prevailing rate of $27 each. When you enter the lounge you will receive a voucher which you must check before signing. This will note if any guests are with you at the time and it is your responsibility to ensure this is correct. The lounge visit fee will be charged directly to your nominated payment card.

3. What is your policy for taking children into a lounge?

Many lounges will allow children entry at the prevailing guest rate of $27 each; however there might be limits. Details are shown in the Lounge Details available here: Dallas, Miami CJ, Miami CF, Los Angeles.

4. Can someone else use my card to gain access?

No. Your card is only valid for the person named on the card.

5. What happens if my card has been stolen or lost?

Lost, stolen or damaged The Club Cards are to be notified immediately to the card issuer, who shall be responsible for providing a replacement card.

6. What is the lounge dress code?

The lounges impose their own dress code. However as a general rule please expect a smart/casual dress code. Please see individual lounge details for further information (Dallas, Miami CJ, Miami CF, Los Angeles).

7. What amenities and/or facilities are available at the lounges?

The facilities and amenities vary by lounge. Details of specific services and facilities are shown in the Lounge Details for each lounge and may include complimentary snacks, television, magazines, internet access, telephones and shower facilities.

8. Where are the lounges located?

Lounges are located at the Los Angeles International Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Miami International Airport. Please refer to the individual details for each lounge on the Home Page.

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